Cloud Migration

We provide comprehensive services to help enterprises migrate complex and demanding infrastructure, applications & data to the cloud using our platform to automate the processes by 90%, with guaranteed quality, efficiency, and velocity.


Cloud-Native Application Development

We develop cloud native applications using open standards for interoperability. We combine 12-Factor App principles with industry-specific templates, reference design & prescriptive architecture to accelerate applications, transaction processing and workflows.


Cloud Managed Services

Automate and enhance your cloud operations in a cost-effective manner. Leverage our established blueprints and automation expertise to manage your cloud operations, security, network, and cloud-native applications cost-effectively.



We break down the traditional barriers to communication with industry’s first unified platform for ∞Ops -as-a-service that drives continuous infusion of DevOps best practices with advanced deployment models.


Cloud Compliance

Our Cloud Compliance services provides a holistic approach to driving the security strategy of enterprises, automate audit and compliance reports with data collected from over 50 enterprise tools and cloud services leveraging a global canonical model.


Cloud Strategy & Advisory

We help clients identify, develop, and implement an overall Cloud adoption strategy, leveraging industry’s first platform driven CIO advisory service, including the ability to drive continuous insights on the entire IT value stream.