Robotics Process Automation

Infinetworx's Robotic Process Automation (RPA), brings benefits to any industry as it is made up of processes that are highly eligible for automation which is critical for appropriate service delivery. This includes automating manual processes like data entry, reconciliation of building with ease, streamlined process, improve audit, tracking and governance, and compliance regulations monitoring.

The true potential of RPA can be unlocked with robust implementation, a goal-oriented plan to suit the need of the enterprise rather than solve daily challenges. The solution complements intelligence into the RPA model through AI automation service to identifies existing business problems and IT landscape challenges.

 Our intelligent automation strategy covers: Identifying relevant use-cases for business Selection of right RPA tools Proof of concept (PoC) oriented design Successful pilots to move to value chain

Infinetworx's Robotic Process Automation (RPA) suite automates manual tasks, such as data entry password reset, etc., and allows our clients to cut costs while freeing up resources for more strategic initiatives. Our dedicated RPA specialists leverage the D5 framework (discover, define, design, develop, deploy) to align core business processes with RPA workflows for the best possible outcome. Combined with our existing data warehouse and analytics solutions, our RPA suite can also be leveraged to provide insights from our clients’ reporting toolsets onto an executive dashboard for even greater visibility and efficiencies.