Industry 4.0

Infinetworx's offers a holistic portfolio of IoT solutions aiming to optimize your people, processes, and equipment through improved interconnectedness, productivity, and worker safety. Infinetworx's solution blueprints enable the enterprise to reach the full potential of Industry 4.0 with tangible ROI and quantifiable milestones. Infinetworx's suite includes smart construction and manufacturing solutions embedded with IoT (smart helmets, bands, etc.), real-time thermal cameras to detect heat and monitor sources, AR/VR capabilities for worker training, sensors for air quality, predictive maintenance (statistical forecast model), fleet management, digital twin and so much more. 

Supply chain optimization: AI algorithm for inventory management, factory assets sensing & detection, advanced analytics, digital twin, etc.

Augmented workforce: AR/VR for corporate training to illustrate, demonstrate, and/or provide instructions on machine operation.

Intelligent utility system: AI for user and prospect behavior reading, flow analysis for theft and risk detection, optimization of electrical and alternative energies.